Xbox One Vs Ps4

Wich console are you going to choose

Xbox One.


Early days people, early days.

Xbox one because I love xbox Live and halo 5!

Xbox One. New halo game, Forza 5, FUT14 exclusives, skype and I love Xbox Live.

Probably either PS4 or PC.

Disgraceful conference from Microsoft put me right off it.

I tought it was a Halo Tv show

what was so bad about it?

It is, but they are most likely going to release a new game too.

The lack of GAMES and the fact they spent most of the press conference announcing the Xbox ONE will be a middle man for your TV and TV Box.

The details that followed like Kinect having to always be connected, the Xbox is always on and so the Kinect Camera is watching you.


pretty sure they said way before the conference that E3 would be where we will see the games. i dont see the problem with the tv thing and if it bothers you that much just make the camera face the wall. i also think i read something a while ago about how a lot of people only use there xbox to stream netflix and watch movies so this is probably the reason they are doing this

Games will be showed at E3 as said hundreds of times…

The Kinect will only have enough power so it can listen to “Xbox On”. It will not be able to power the camera at all. As said in their after talk. And you can probally turn this off in the settings…

So any other reasons? Possibly the 24 hour connection thing (Which I find very strange to begin with).

There are plenty of reasons why I am not buying it

One - it will end up like the Xbox 360 more app exclusives than Game exclusives
Two - EA games and Call of Duty don’t appeal to me
Three - The console is basically always on and connected to the internet
Four - if you don’t connect to the internet atleast once every 24 hours you can’t play your games
Five - Microsoft are purposely using confusing language
Six - It is basically a middle man for your TV and TV Box
Seven - Kinect always has to be attached at all times
Eight - The PS4 looks more appealing to me
Nine - They should have took out the gaming features and sold it as a media center without the voice control bull****.



Oh cool. You dislike the Xbox One because a feature you don’t have to use at all…

whoever made this video clearly didnt read anything about it before watching the conference. all the games are going to be at E3. and i dont see what was so bad about the tv thing you arent forced to watch it

No one said i dislike the feature of TV, Its the fact Microsoft made a TV box that plays games rather than a gaming console that can play TV. We had 40 minutes of TV talk and two minutes of actual spec talk. I’m an Xbox fanboy but much preferred the Sony announcement.

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Wasn’t this you about a month or so ago, dissing the PS4 and how stupid it will be in comparison to the Xbox on the PS4 thread I made? Weird…

In all honesty, I’ll be getting both consoles without a single thought. Both seems to have identical hardware, 8 core CPUs, 8GB RAM, up to date GPU and thensome. It’s really going to come down to fan-boyism, and exclusives.

The Xbox seems, to me, staged in the announcement… In terms of speed of changing the channels and what was running, like movies, IE, etc. Just seemed too fast for even up to date hardware. Maybe I’ll be wrong.

On topic for OP: I’ll be waiting for E3 to decide. I want to see GAMES.

I don’t need a device to watch TV when I can already watch TV on my TV without the need of another device which requires a TV to watch TV…

The conference was so alienating to European customers. Most of that **** won’t even be available outside of the United States. Who pays for cable TV in the age of the internet?

This. They should have made it much more clear what was going to be shown at this event. The internet went in with expectations for great games and was thoroughly disappointed.

People keep claiming Microsoft said games will be shown at E3 and not this event but I’m yet to see a source. It seems to be their excuse but I’ll stand corrected by a source.

I bet only a small percentage of casuals watch a dedicated event like this, if any. They should’ve known showing all this would cause controversy amongst the core gamers.