Xbox One vs Xbox 360 | Which do you prefer?

This thread will be all about which console you think is better in performance, user interface, affordability, game quality, ect.

  1. Because I’ve never used a One before

The thing I like about the one is the simplicity, 360 I never bought digital because it was usually delayed release and so I had STACKS of discs and ended up scratching a lot of them

The only downside to the Xbox One in my eyes is the interface. It is so slow and clunky sometimes it can be so frustrating. Other than that the Xbox One is a great console the thing I love about it is owning everything digitally I no longer have to worry about discs, I can switch games in a few seconds.

I have no games that attach me to the One yet. I still prefer the 360

Everyone seems to be going digital at moment on the Xbox One, myself included. It’s the only console I have ever purchased games digitally with. The two reasons I decided to go digital was;- 1) I now game share, always halfing the cost, and 2) It’s less clutter.

I still got my 360 but I think I have only got about 2-3 games left on there, everything else I traded in. I can’t bring myself to get rid of it for some reason. It’s one of these things were you will get rid of something but later feeling regret about. Yet I still don’t use it, not even my JTAG anymore :confused: I may occasionally download the 360 version of the newly released game to see if I like it first but that is not very often!

What he said

As of now, I still like the 360 more but thats with a bias nostalgia factor.
BUT, think of the Xbox 360 and what it was like at launch then look at something like GTA V and its hard to believe its on the same console.

I think the Xbox One will be GREAT in a few years but they’re still sorting out some issues.