Xbox One Wired Headset Issues

I’ve been recently having issues with the Xbox One Wired Headset. I know there are many issued to be had with this headset and come to think of it, I should I have expected this. Anyway, the issue I’m having is that while in a party or in game chat I can hear everyone there, but they can’t hear me and no mic activity is indicated. I’ve tried cleaning it and some other conventional techniques for this issue. If anyone has had this issue before and knows how to fix it please let me know.

Thanks in Advance! :thumbsup:

It’s broken, the headsets are not meant to last. Mine broke the first week of the release of Xbox One.

Update you’re controller’s software and you should be good. Remember to restart the console after updating you’re controller.

It says there is no update needed.

If it is just broken sometimes if you call Microsoft up about it and state it’s faulty they’ll come and pick it up then replace it for free, you usually have to be nice on the phone though. Worth a try if there is no fix to save you buying a new one.

On 4th headset now unless you take it apart and look for a loose wire there is nothing you can do but buy a new one or used. I got used but they were new in package from gamestop so was around 15 bucks.

Just buy some astros dude :wink:.

I haven’t used my headset since the day I got it. It just sits in a drawer. I use the headset adapter for my Turtlebeach X12s so I have a headset for both 360 and One. I didn’t want to have to spend more money on another headset.