Xbox Optional Media Update Download | Request |

Can someone give me the optional media update? I’m going to put it on my jtag so I can stream until I fix my retail :stuck_out_tongue:

Give me 5 minutes, I will copy it onto my USB.
Edit: It won’t allow me to copy or transfer it. O well :anguished:

How do u use it to stream?

Try searching “optional media update” on ( I cant Comcast is being gay so i cant connect to it.)

Edit: looks like they do not have a offline update.
only this:

I can’t move or copy it to my flash drive sorry :anguished:

Here u r Xbox 360 Optional Media Update Download now mind telling me?

LOL, look at the first comment

Edit: I get it, wen u say stream u mean movies to ur xbox, I thought u meant stream like in justintv