Xbox Play Anywhere

Are we able to mod games under Xbox Play Anywhere? Im sure it should be the same but i just want to make sure

Yes games that are on the windows store can have trainers made.

Oh ok but they have to have them specially made. The regular trainers wont work for them. My question is I just bought Resident Evil 7 for Xbox one and want to play it on pc so the trainer wont work for that correct?

I hate double posting but whatever. From what I am finding out there is no .exe file directly on your pc for xbox play anywhere. So just as a warning to anyone who wants to use this feature and mod

if they make a trainer for it it will work(it will attach to the process)

Isn’t the game still running on the Xbox?

There has to be an exe for them. We have other Windows Store games(Play anywhere games) plus there have been trainers made by other people for some of them.

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no, the xbox play anywhere just gives you both the xbox and windows store pc version for the price of one

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Thanks for the clarification :slight_smile: So it’s just a normal windows store app.

Gears of war 4 is a play anywhere game and we have a trainer for it so I assume it is.

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yea, that is exactly it

@magnumlynx17 Try the trainer. We might have made the first Cheat Anywhere Trainer (Steam/Winstore) for resident evil 7.