Xbox Rewards Game

Game over <3

Thanks worked but i didnt win anything.
Also I think they are asking different questions everyday so it would be cool if you posted/updated the thread daily.

I will bro :smile: thanks for the reply, also that is just the daily draw. You get enterd into the big bad ass one 1 time each one that is correct

Damn didn’t release i hadn’t signed up for it :anguished: have to wait 36 hours now

I forgot about that sign up delay. I signed up when it was first released :confused: thought they might have got bored of that by now :confused:

**** you Microsoft, **** you

Poor show, you live in Sweden. Not like you live in North Korea or anything :laughing:

MS win lul.


all it asked me to do was log in with my widows live id, and nope did not win, but ill keep trying

Evidence then please … I used the search etc…

It’s not old. The game thing just started today.

I thought it wasn’t old :thumbsup:

Q: Which is not something players use to progress through game levels in Halo 2?
A: All of the above are used

Q: What does UNSC stand for in Halo?
A: United Nations Space Command

Q: What does ODST stand for in Halo 3: ODST
A: Orbital Drop Shock Troopers

Q: What is the name of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 cooperative mode which consists of independent missions similar to the “Mile High Club” epilogue mission from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare?
A: Special Ops

The questions are timed. You get 40/40 if you answer them all correctly and quickly. If you take too long (i.e. you have to Google a question or two) then they start to deduct points.

I said the answers at the front …

since i did not start this i could not add to your 1st post with tadays

They have not changed the questions yet. My answers are the same as yours :wink:

EDIT: I think it’s the same question today guys ! If anyone gets different then please tell me I tested 4 accounts

I’m pretty sure something like this was made back when Halo Reach was popular. People were able to go on this site, and get a early beta code or something around that…

This just started yesterday Stevie, MS are giving away around 100k msp :smirk:

The one for saturday 4/2/11 is

1.Cod black ops
2.General RAAM
4.Avery johnson