XBOX slim internet troubles

I am having issued connecting to the internet with my slim that has been RGH’d. The system picks up the network on wireless or hard wired and all the ip dns etc etc are correct. But when I try to test the connection the test fails when trying to connect to the internet. I spent an hour on the phone with xbox tech support and they were at a loss as to what was wrong.

Can anyone help with this?

keep in mind that I have an older xbox phat that connects to xbox live with no issues…

I don’t think us knowing you have an Xbox phat really matters. I think your xbox may have hardware problems. Why not buy an ethernet cord and plug it up to your modem, or router?

I do believe he did just say that he can connect to his home network when it is hard wired.

I feel stupid now. Thank you. I read it too fast, but yeah then it’s probably the xbox itself.

I can connect via FTP too