Xbox to Steam? SKYRIM

hey everyone! I just managed to get the steam version of Skyrim (legendary edtion) and I love it but …NONE of my achievements transferred to Steam from XBOX version
is there a way to manually transfer them with a USB? or get them back another way?

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Not possible. Your achievements from the Xbox (Microsoft) will not transfer to Steam (Valve). It doesn’t work like that lol; they’re 2 different companies and neither are synced together.

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Oh Drat! I was really hoping for this …oh well at least I already started plan B and if it works I will post it up here as a reply

However It is possible to move your save over

I did manage to do that easily enough thank goodness!

Sadly I forget how

Extract the DAT file using horizon and then rename the file on desktop from savefile.dat
To savefile.ess that’s all you gotta do!

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thanks, one of those things i haven’t really needed to do so i just forgot how

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Hey don’t feel bad man I diddent know how to do it either so I was googling for an hour!
I stil don’t know how to generate items to place in my home
Like a oven a chest a shrine and a forge

believe you would need to use the creation kit

If your playing on steam just use console commands

Player.additem (insert item code here) 1

good thing I dl’d it! …havent tried it yet lol

how do I use console commands? I have no idea how

I wouldn’t add items like furnaces to your inventory.

Instead, hit ~ to open the console.

Type help “furnace” and hit enter
Find a ID for Furniture and then,
player.placeatme 000furnaceid5 1

This will give you basic idea of what cosole commands there are at your disposal on pc.