Xbox Update Beta Channel

I just got the Beta Channel
Heres what it looks like if you haven’t got it yet/didn’t get accepted or apply:

This is US only and applications are closed.

If you are in the DISC update, your update comes directly from the Halo Reach disc
The LIVE group apparently already got their update from Xbox LIVE

Edit: Info from StevieRox

Discs will ship on April 10th at 6am


Wow, you already got it O.o…
Sick, mine should be coming soon then, lets see if they improved anything.

I was to late!

I got on xbox and was like

how did you get it already? I got accepted. now what?

LE2 eww

I applied, but no response yet.

whats the apply website again.


Any news on the new features?
Thanks for the share :smile:

From like 2 years ago.
Don’t feel like paying $10 to change it
dont hate me =(

i got it as well.

e_e Lucky…

I got it to

Guess you didn’t read the T.O.S. about pictures and what not…
Way to abuse a privilege.

I’m getting a disc!!

I didn’t

I got on after I saw this. I got it too <3

still didn’t get it :[ i restarted my xbox twice :stuck_out_tongue:
and yes, i’m in the live group and my console info is correct
EDIT: i got it :]

I got in, but I dont have that channel