Xbox wont read my Skyrim DLC's from my USB

I’m trying to download all 3 Skyrim DLC’s from my computer to my Xbox. it worked so far, I got them through horizon to the USB, and horizon was able to find my USB and put the DLC’s on just fine. but when I put the USB into my Xbox the Xbox just says theirs nothing on it. Is their anything I’m forgetting to do or some way I can fix this. cause I wasted a few hours already just downloading the DLC’s onto my computer.

Any help would be appreciated.
UPDATE: So, it appears now that the DLC’s won’t even load onto the USB. Please help.

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Are you sure you’re checking your flash drive on your 360, not the hard drive?

Or is it that they’re not showing up in the game? You need a title update for them to show up in game.

EDIT. Just noticed your edit. Try reformatting the flash drive on your PC, then format it on your 360. Now add them to it again with Horizon, if you changed any of the IDs before, don’t, leave them all zeros. Move them to your 360’s hard drive and make sure you have the latest Skyrim title update. They should show up if you do all that.

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i also have this problem- Horizon and my XBOX 360 not detecting my USB…i just formatted my USB on PC tho…and i also need help on how to use Horizon because i doubt i extracted the DLC correctly