XboxMB Radio - LIVE + Mobile Support

Link: XboxMB Radio



How to listen on your iPhone

Step 1) Download the TuneIn Radio App

Step 2) Go to My Presets and Click Add new Custom URL

Step 3) Enjoy :wink:


::Site Updates::

v1.0: Added New chatbox, fixed 404 error on some pages
v1.3: Deleted radio forums
v1.5: changed chatbox theme
v1.8: added DJ panel
v1.9: Request a song right on the website! Added DJ list
V2.0: Added mobile Radio support for iPhone users.
V3.0: Thread Transferred and Radio Live Again!

And we’re back!

Navy; Make me DJ.

AIM me.

Nice ass music yuh got der boyee. Keep up da work.

YOUR fully established im begining to love you again Navy

I don’t hear any music :anguished:

me too … did i miss it :anguished:

im sorry i was too busy posting a picture of a sink

Cool… But I’ll stick with iTunes

cool story bro

Sorry, trying to fix my laptop. Should work now! < 3

working now :smile:

have you ever heard of frank ocean ?

Name says LMFAO - Sexy and I know it

…But Adele is playing

I support anything that contributes to Xboxmb.

what happened to itunes? My radio isn’t perfect. I would have to restart the radio for it to work again.

I wasn’t disrespecting you… Just letting you know >.<

iTunes isn’t perfect either…


your wish is my command. Will be playing soon < 3

Yeah, it is saying the name of the song now!!
Navy for Admin.

thanks and sound is messed up :confused:

refresh the page please, thanks