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Recent news:
06/02/2011: Congrats on getting halfway towards getting ranked on EOC! We’re ranked 11981, and once were in the top 6000 we’ll be on EOC!
05/19/2011: Congratulations to our folding team for reaching 100,000 points!

Keep folding, and look for more giveaways soon (but only for participants)!

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Feel free to ask any and all questions you have! -I’m happy to Teamview anyone to help them with setup
What is Folding@home?
Folding@home is a distributed computing project run through Stanford, they explain it best so check it there:

It is widely used for medical and scientific advancement for diseased such as Alzheimer’s, Mad Cow, CJD, ALS, Huntington’s, Parkinson’s disease, and many Cancers and cancer-related syndromes. You can find more information about the advancements made here, and anymore information about the program.

Basically it just runs in your taskbar and uses idle power for your PC to fold, while not interfering with your regular use. You can rack up points for each work unit you complete, and can compete to see who can get the most, or just do it for the good cause.

Why should I fold? What’s in it for me?
In addition to the knowledge that you’re contributing to a very good cause, I plan to offer prizes, and have contests exclusive for folders. And if you keep reading you’ll find out about some awesome new ways get Diamond. Everyone knows someone affected by one of the diseases I listed before, so get out and do it for them.

Can folding damage my equipment, or does it cost money?Not at all! Folding is completely safe and people are running over 350 million processing units to fold. The software doesn’t cost any money, and it the client just runs while you use your computer, but if you want you can always run it 24/7!

Will folding slow my computer down?
The folding application only uses idle clock cycles, meaning that if another application has need of the CPU, the folding application will decrease its usage until the other application’s needs have been satisfied. The only drain on system resources is the RAM that’s utilized, which remains utilized even when other applications are using the CPU. However you most likely will feel a little decrease in performance while it’s running, but you can easily pause it and resume it later when your intensive tasks are finished.

How can I join?That’s easy just start folding for team ([u]Folding@XboxMB [203370][/u])! Just read below and I’ll explain how to fold. Once you finish one work unit you’ll be added to the list.

How do I earn points, and when will I see my name on the team page?You earn points by completing work units, work units are the Project the Folding clients downloads and are what it works on. Each one has it’s own amount of points you get for completing.
When you first start to fold, your user name will not appear in the statistics until your FAH client has completed its first work unit. And because the stats pages are updated every few hours, your stats may not appear immediately. Please be patient.

How do I fold?Well it’s really easy, but there are a lot of different ways you can fold with varying degrees of involvement, and with various pieces of equipment (CPU, GPU, PS3). However for now I’m just going to show you a simple way which you can fold with your GPU’s and your CPU’s.

[details=How to fold! (for more powerful comps)]
Download FAH GPU Tracker and install:

  1. Extract and run FAH GPU Tracker V2.exe.
  2. Select yes when it asks to “Download Clients?”, let the clients download
  3. Go to ‘Setup’ -> ‘Configure’
  4. Select your clients (If you have a video card you can fold on let it automatically configure them) or you can fold on a CPU (Lower end CPU’s should not choose the SMP client).
  5. Get your passkey here:
  6. Go to ‘Tracker Settings’ and make sure to have these inputted:
  7. Then click ‘Apply’ and ‘Close’
  8. If you are a gamer you’ll want to enable ‘Gaming Pause’ under ‘Tracker Settings’ so it won’t affect your FPS.
  9. Click ‘Start All Clients’ and Fold away! Here’s a quick example shot I grabbed on one of my other rigs.


[details=How to fold! (for more weaker comps)]

  1. Download the CPU system tray client here

  2. Install it

  3. Put in the right info (passkey available here:

  4. Click ok and let it minimize to the tray, and you’re done![/details]

How can I keep track of my points?There are quite a few ways to do this, downloadable stat trackers and ones you can find online. You can find your own Stanford page like this one by just replacing the username in the URL with your own.

Because we are a new team we aren’t yet tracked by EOC yet, who keep really detailed stats. Once we gain around 400,000 points we will become tracked, and that one take very long to reach!

You can also see your PPD and detailed information about your contributions in the Stat menu of FAH GPU Tracker V2. One of the most popular pieces of tracking software is which you can just have sit in your taskbar or FTP your stats to a server to create your own little tracking site!

Ok you said rewards, where are they?Ok ok, here’s the deal. The first 5 people who reach 75,000 points will receive a month of Diamond or $5 on Paypal. Simple as that. And if you don’t think you can reach it that fast, there will be a giveaway for all folders who submitted at least 1500 points worth with even better prizes (most likely once we get tracked on EOC)! More here:[8th]-5x-1-month-diamond-giveaway-%245-paypal.html#post481938

Other folding threads:[f%40h]-effiecient-folding-5-6-series-ati-gpus.html

What’s coming soon?

  • Tutorials on how to track points with software
  • Tutorials on how to get the most points out of your rig
  • Tutorials on more advanced methods of folding
  • Contests
  • Giveaways
  • A Folding dictionary

Stickied for now :smile:

This is for an amazing cause, can’t wait to see how high we can get our stats!
Installing now :smiley:

Ha, a lot of the guys here have some nice PC’s but even if you don’t every point counts!

I’ll be back soon to answer any questions. Gotta run!

F@H has been around for a loooong time. It’s a great cause which I have always supported.

Thanks for posting, and thanks for the sticky Dean.

O.o i suppose.
but if this slows down my computed anymore than it already does i’ll kill you :stuck_out_tongue:

VPS ftw. :3

How long does it take to go up in completion by %?

It will a little bit, but this is great just for running when your not using it.

It all depends on your hardware. Some can complete work unites in days, some in hours.

Ha yeah.

Thanks man I am doing this right now, but Norton just told me that the program is running High…Why?


So I just installed. Im running multi-core. It just says SMP Project>uknown points> unknown

i click start but nothing happens /:

Running on high priority? It does take some CPU power.

Nice, once it runs for a minute all that will clear up.

Did you set everything up correctly and enable GPU or CPU folding?

Guys updated the main thread with an easier configuration better for weaker computers.

Wait, humans can get mad cow disease? I’ll do this.

It also just sits at 0%

i believe so i followed the pictures

Yep, and I’ll be making a guide for the V7 client which gives better PPD for ATi GPU’s so you and your 5770 can play along.

Ha, it’s working. It’s not going to finish in a few minutes, at least hours, maybe days depending on your computer.

If your CPU isn’t so great I suggest not running the SMP version.

2.3GHz Dual Core AMD Athlon? Also, it wont pick up my gpu - ATi Raden HD 4250?

Ok, well in that case just try the other client, or if you really want to try it you can PM me and I can TV it.

That client is meant for Nvidia GPU’s I’ll get one for ATi GPU’s soon.

okay<3 should I be okay to run in SMP mode?

Is it ok if i run both clients? For the good computers and the not so good computers?