XboxMB's Holiday Giveaway 2011! Win Diamond and MSP!

As tomorrow is the first day of Hanukkah, and the start of 5 more days until Christmas, we decided why not have a holiday giveaway! We’re going to make it easy, simply enter the giveaway by clicking the link! Enter as many as you’d like, the winners will be announced that day!

Just click the in the top right after you click Enter HERE.

Day #1 - Enter HERE

1 Month of Diamond

Day #2 - Enter HERE

3 Months of Diamond

Day #3 - Enter HERE

1 Year of Diamond

Day #4 - Enter HERE

1600/2100 Microsoft Points

Day #5 - Enter HERE

1600/2100 Microsoft Points + 1 Year of Diamond

LOVE < 3

Sweet giveaway thanks for yet another awesome giveaway! :smiley:

Entering in all!

I entered in all of them…

Thanks for this awesome giveaway.

If i win the 3 months or 1 month i will give it to a friend.

Entered all!
Amazing giveaway and thank you staff for the amazing moderating on the site, and giveaway.
Good luck, and Merry Christmas to all.

Love you z < 3

Entered in all of them < 3

Thanks ! Amazing contests.

I can’t enter >.> I keep clicking enter and nothing happens.

i am now prepared to see this thread get bumped for the next 5 days…great


Thx for the giveaway. Entered them all :smile:

If you’re having trouble entering try another browser!

Entered :smiley:

Just entered them :smile: Good luck to everyone!

People shouldn’t be having issues now. I found a bug that was preventing new users from being put into the database.

Great Giveaways Guys if i win ill take the ms points and another member can have the diamond since i have lifetime if that’s alright

Awesome giveaway! Good luck to everyone!


I just wanted to take this time to thank everyone on the site for making it just so awesome, I tried to start out on TTG and Game-Tuts but they weren’t friendly so I came here in hopes of meeting lots of friends and using Horizon.

And thats exactly what I got! I love the tools, the community, and everything about XMB. Another thing I figured out were the most intelligent. I would really like to use the new tools that have been release recently but they require diamond and I think this is a great chance to try them all for myself as I have only had diamond once and I was kept busy with school.

        -Thank you Staff/Devs, Sincerely Wolf &lt;3

Fantastic giveaway , Happy Holidays!

sweet giveaway