XboxMB's List of Titles

List of Titles(in order of prestige)

Here is an updated list of all the different titles on XboxMB, and some of the ways one may obtain said title.


This badge is for the Horizon developers. They work on the program, Horizon.


This obtainable through showing progress and experience as a Veteran Moderator. As well as other determining factors.

Veteran Moderator

Show true knowledge of moderating, and leadership as a Super Moderator.

Super Moderator

This is chosen by the staff, as long as you follow the rules you are eligible.

Horizon Pro

This badge is for the people who stand out as an exemplary poster in the Horizon forum sections, specifically Horizon Support.

Beta Tester

Beta testers are randomly chosen, or in some cases members that stand out for their keenness towards bug reporting.


Follow the rules, go above and beyond community expectations. Stand out as a member, and show that you’ve contributed in ways that prove you are indeed, epic.

Old Timer

Members that signed up on before the 5th of November 2009. ( was the original home of Horizon)


Upgrade to Diamond membership, it can be found here.[/b]

Nice thread now we no how to achieve them!

Very nice man.

Nice post. So all the new user know the badges

Why i no have founder?

lulz Founder : No.

Mannn, that founder badge is mine :wink:

I’ll take a Horizon Pro :smile:
Nice thread :smile:

Nice post. I’m gonna go for Super Mod :smiley:

Wow this is good. A+ lol

There was already a thread for this…?

very helpful bro, thanks a lot. Looking for that founder badge lol.

I am defiantly takin that Founder badge from TTG Sean -_-

Only 5 members can have Top Poster? D:

It alternatives so if someone else get’s more post then let’s say no.5 then the other person will get the badge instead.

Rofl, the elite 4 :smile:

I shall gain the Horizon Developer badge by defeating the “elite four” with my lvl100 Arceus :smiley:

EDIT: damn ninja Infrah stealing my mojo…

Nice thread, Zrueda, should help all who have questions about ways to obtain badges.
(Loved your way to obtain Founder, haha.)

Can I haz Epic or Super? Haha kidds. Nice post.

Ironical how I’m on SoulSilver at this very moment doing beating the Elite four… :laughing: