XCOM: Enemy Unknown Save Editor

Hi all,
I started this save editor for XCOM: Enemy Unknown:

Special thanks to the Horizon tool and fairchild’s xcom compression tool (without them, this save editor would not exist).

I plan to also release the sources (once I make a few more improvements), but meanwhile you can see the code with the .net Reflector.

What it does:

  1. changes credits, number of scientists and engineers
  2. changes storage items (like alloys, corpses, etc)
  3. changes HP, Aim, Defense and Will for soldiers

What it needs:

  1. .net framework 4.0 client profile
  2. Horizon
  3. fairchild’s xcom compression tool

How to use:

  1. Save the game from Geoscape (and not during a mission).
    The save editor supports game saves during missions, but it has limited support (it only changes
    the attributes of one deployed soldier, rather than all soldiers).

  2. Use Horizon to extract the game save.

  3. Use fairchild’s xcom compression tool to decompress the game save.
    Sample command line:
    xcom.exe -d save1 save1.decompressed

  4. Run the editor on the decompressed file.
    Sample command line:
    XcomSaveEditor.exe save1.decompressed

  5. Use fairchild’s xcom compression tool to compress the game save.
    Sample command line:
    xcom.exe -d save1.decompressed save1

  6. Use Horizon to put back the game save.

Future plans/improvements:

  1. change gun/pistol/grenade damage (for soldiers)
  2. only change values (like credits, items, soldier attributes) when the new value is greater than the existing value
    (at the moment, the editor overwrites values without checking if the save already has them modified)
  3. support command line arguments for the various values
    (at the moment, the editor uses hardcoded values that Mudi picked and found useful and safe)


Virus scan pls

Norton doesn’t seem to like the file sorry to say

But nice layout of the thread

> Norton doesn’t seem to like the file sorry to say

Hi, I don’t know why that happens, but I posted the source code (same location: http://sdrv.ms/RWKX7d).

To build the editor, you can either use the c# compiler (csc.exe) from .net framework (free), or Visual Studio 2012 Express (free, you can install it from here: http://go.microsoft.com/?linkid=9816758).


I published a new version (along with the source code) that also increases damage for soldiers. Same address: http://sdrv.ms/RWKX7d.

Make sure the save is done from Geoscape (and not during a battle) to take advantage of all the changes the editor supports.

And also, I heard that the download content needs to be removed before you save the game. I don’t have that optional download content for the game (and cannot test with it), but I heard that the editor doesn’t work with it.


I know I’m about 3years too late but the link doesn’t work anymore and I would really like a save editor for xcom enemy unknown on xbox. Can anyone help please

Try PM the original poster. I dont think he answer tho since the topic is 3 years old and the user have been inactive for about the same time.

Or another option, found this video of how to mod an Xbox save pretty fast through google.
Link for the tool is still intact

@Chris Maybe this sould be closed because of inactive OP, inactive topic and old info + broken links.