Xenoverse 2 updating mod for steam?

After 7 long years, finally the game had a new update and since then the mod for this game is no longer working. I wanted to know if you have any chance of updating the cheats for them to get back up and running because I could only buy this game now (finally good price in steam promotion here in my country) and I wanted to use the cheats for 7-star missions offline because it’s a horror I can finish the parallel missions of the game and I really want to do all of them.

When will the mod get an update? :3

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Are we talking about Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2? As far as I am aware It’s currently in the testing queue, as indicated by this green banner. However, we cannot provide an ETA for new trainers or updates. Please check the creator queue in WeMod app or by using the queue command to see what is currently being worked on.

Does anyone know where the xenoverse 2 queue is for the update? I’m not finding/getting to see

The game is currently in our testing queue. Once it has been tested it will be placed in the creator queue if it needs an update.

Oh thanks a lot! I didnt know much about the WeMod. Well, I know how to use it (I want to be a pro but I dont have money for that, the usd dollar costs almost 6x the money of my country T-T ). The tech behind how to creat mods,updates then, etc Im completley clueless T-T