XEX games won't start anymore

So I have some games that I transferred to my hard drive and I would start them up through XEX menu. They started not to work after a couple of days, when I try to launch one by pressing the default.xex I get a message saying that it can’t start and to try downloading it again. Is there a way to stop this from happening? I still have the games on my computer.

some file maybe messed in Game folder. try Import the game folder and files again to xbox.

What can I do?
Can you say in steps? :expressionless: I can’t understand.

This thread is over a year old now and it’s unlikely that the above users will return (judging from their absence).

Do you need help with something? If you do, please create a new topic explaining what you need help with and I’m sure someone here knows the answer.

@Chris this thread should probably be closed.