XeX Menu problem

Hey guys!!
im in need of some help with my XeX Menu ive downloaded one and it is showing up as a demo but when i open it, it says “Can’t launch XeXMenu 1.1.” Please help i was planning on modding gta v with it. thanks


Do you own a modified Xbox?

More spesific an Jtag or RGH

No i do not belive so.

Then it wont work.

oooh how do i modifiy it then, do you know?

Do you have experience with soldering?

nope i have no clue what that even means XD

If no then rather buy a console. You will probably mess up the motherboard.

nope ok so should i look on ebay for a modded xbox? or do you have a recomendation on where to buy one?

I bought mine on TTG. I dont know how trusted sellers are on eBay.
If its even there though, since its kinda illegal :3

ooooh ok thank you so much!!! Id be lost without your help XD

No problem, stay safe if you buy one and try to buy from trusted sellers if you are going to.
Btw, you should maybe look into it a little bit more before buying so you know what you can do with a console like that.

ok thanks XD can i ask i quick question though is your RGH or jtag?

RGH, i would say Jtag is more rare these days since you have to be on a very old dashboard to Jtag the console.

So you will probably end with a RGH.

Btw, differance between those two is boot time and such.
But to simplify, its just two hacks that make you console run unsigned codes on your console.