XGD3 Games kick back to dashboard!

Okay, I have two xgd3 games (MW3 and AC Revelations). When i launch a xdg3 game it goes black for a lil second then kicks back to dashboard without warnings or errors. When i insert the disk it says Reading for a while and says Play Game (without IMAGES). Can’t even install it into my HDD. Please i need help with this


I believe that with the latest xbox update it was patched, if i do remember I seen a bunch of “OMFGZZ DONT UPGRADE YOUR XBOX” or some of that nonsense. Seems like there is a work around, that I seen a few minutes ago, but it doesn’t look like you can play with the latest TU on MW3, meaning no online.

I only play offline and never go online, even once.

and what is TU? lol

Title update.

TU = Title Update

Edit: Ninja’d

ohhhhhhh. So maybe if i try Play XGD3 Games With Title Updates After Dae.bin - YouTube it will work?

The description clearly says works for offline only. I wouldn’t even mess with it.

No No No. I don’t know about the dae.bin update and I updated and flashed my box like 2 months ago and I’m afraid if my box will break if I do what he did in that vid.

Just flash your xbox to the latest firmware. You should probably talk to Chris he’s knows more about this than I do.

I think it’s on lt 2.0

from what i understand the newest games are patched on any firmware. I might be wrong tho.

I only know this “xgd3 needs Lt 2.0 + to play it” … I was wondering if the tutorial on that vid works legitimately.

L.T Max 2.0? Anyway I believe C4Eva is going to be releasing a new firmware with in the next two weeks so just wait up a bit.

I can’t hold it back, I wanna play as Ezio agaaain

by the game? lol, its worth the $60

If there’s a a retail store nearby I’d get it as fast as i can. I don’t like traveling and I don’t know how to pre order lol

I think I will try that method used in the vid

just have it over-night’d. I just bought a pair of DJ headphone and had them over-night’d and it got here on time.

Overnight? IDK bout that. I think it only applies in UK and USA.