XMB City :: The OFFICIAL MineCraft Server of XMB

Sever Status:

Updating Hey0 and other plugins.
Server is down until plugin changes are made due to beta update.Post your Minecraft username below to be added to the whitelist!We check the whitelist every 24 hours (sometimes more often).
We’ll notify you once you are whitelisted.

We are the official server of popular modding site XboxMB.com.

The server is entirely run by a tight knit group of nice people, including a moderator on XboxMB.com.

We wanted to make a server where XboxMB members could come, play, and relax in a friendly environment. Weather you want to build, look, or role play.

We often try to cater to our community, so suggestions are great!

Visit the website for all the details and latest updates!
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If you’re Diamond on XboxMB you will get $3 off Diamond.
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Open Me

Maxxy [Owner]
cccodyyyy [Admin/Manager]
Explicit [Admin]
abboz [Moderator]

Other staff do not lock. I have spoken to zrueda about this and he approved

im the one running and managing the server. no one else is!

sup price? umadbro?

Epic win.
I love that it is Maxxy’s city b/c i freaking love it so much.

What is this “minecraft” that you speak of and how do I obtain this?

time to show what my years with legos has taught me :smiley:

I was thinking the same thing. It seems to be really popular but I never took the initiative to find out what it was

What is up price? you seem to have tendency’s to be mad brother.

Nice, might join sometime as the server i used to play on is down and i lost everything lol…

I’ll Play :smile:
My Name Is Xeon/

you might want to fix this

Shouldn’t the second one be Diamond and not VIP

but what is minecraft?

This isnt on hamachi right?

no hamachi

Images fixed.

Sorry but this is gonna sound stupid but… After I download Minecraft how do I change the server IP? Also how would you log in? (Sorry I have never played Minecraft before.)

Added in game screenshots!
Enjoy guys!

I am getting this error.
“Host is unkown”

I can join the other servers just fine, just not yours for some reason.

make sure when you paste the server ip there is no spaces

the server is pretty good.

Along with the VPS transition we WILL disable the use of cracked Minecraft.
It’s for the best.