XMB Community Event Feedback

First, I’d like to say thank you to anyone who participated in my event. It was not easy for all of you to put aside that much time for it and I appreciate the effort on your guys’ part.
It wasn’t easy for me either lol.

I’ve heard some great things from members. Many saying they would like more of them. I will definitely try to get more of them going. I’ll need some feedback though. If you participated, what did you like? What didn’t you like? Give me any ideas on how we can make this better. No idea is a bad one.
If you do not have any ideas on how to make it better, suggest a game you’d like to play along with what platform (Xbox, PC).

I’ve decided that the stream was too much work for me to run while hosting it. Not too many people watched it anyways. Other people can always stream it on their own if they want.

I really, really enjoyed the event on CoD 4. I think another event there would suffice greatly. Just please no Black Ops 2, that game is awful in my opinion. MW2 or CoD 4 would be awesome. Maybe Michael Myers or something similar to what we did? Definitely keep it Search and Destroy. Don’t do any others, Search and Destroy is probably the most enjoying game type.

One thing that would be cool is if we had separate hosts. For example, say you hosted, and two other people did, that would make the games go much faster and not make it a 5 hour gaming session.

Other than that, the even was very nicely put together and I hope to see more in the future!

I enjoyed it, I just wish there were more teams that participated. I thought you did rather well with all the people that bailed out last minute. Almost any event you hold ill play in it and stream it. I would suggest any game on Xbox ha. I don’t really have any PC games. Black Ops II or any other shooter. Good work on the last event.

You should do some BF3 for the PC, seeing on how I’m console banned :smile:.

Overall I think it went pretty well, some of the teams had very good players. It’s been one of the more well run community events on the site. I like Pavman’s idea of a community Mike Myers , I use to love playing that.

I’d also like to thank you Trav for taking the time to organise and run this event.

Well I would like a full rematch now I have create a class…

I really enjoyed it, and I would join then next thing you host on xbox as I can’t run any games on this laptop.

Halo 3 or 4 next time please.

Wish I could have stayed longer and actually got to play, but other plans and all that.

My only suggestion would be to host it on another day such as a Sunday, as usually Sunday is the day of rest and people don’t tend to do much so perhaps there would be a greater turnout.

Good job though, seems like it was a good success and proves that there is still interest to do these kind of things, which is awesome.

I thought it was a lot of fun and I’d definitely be willing to play again so long as it was on a game that I had.

Some things that could have been improved was the timing between matches, if you weren’t playing you would be waiting quite a while to play which was pretty annoying. This could be improved by having more than one host so that multiple matches went on at the same time. Sure the tournament wouldn’t last as long but people get bored easily and if they’re sitting there waiting for 40 minutes to play then they may go offline. In this case quite a few people dropped out half way through.

Community involvement was a big issue because lots of people dropped out last minute or half way through, fair enough if people have other things to do but being told last second can completely ruin the plans that the host has made for the games. I remember Travis had to remake all of the teams on the spot because of people not turning up which must have been a lot of bother.

Nice work and thank you for setting it up Travis and with paying out your own pocket to give out the prizes, it was a lot of fun.

Didn’t participate only because I don’t have Cod4.

But maybe you can do BF3 (Xbox) or Black Ops 2 (Xbox). Forza Horizon/Motorsport 4 are other good ideas.

This event was legendary.

Shame I never entered;(

There is always a next time tho.

I really enjoyed myself. I think it was planned out very nicely, and if the members that said they would attend showed up, it would have been much better. The only thing I could say to help improve your next event would to do a game more people have, as not everyone had such and old, but good game, and to get a message out the night before, asking for replies and eliminating everyone who won’t be attending, would have saved a lot fo time for us.

Also… Some PC games would be nice, GTA IV, BF3, Arma, dayz, etc;

just building from this post…i was not able to join in on the fun this time round but i would really like to in future events.

im not much of a PC gamer simply beacuse i dont have the software, hardware, or money to get a good enough set-up going.

However i do play Xbox alot and im more into BF3 so i would like to see something in the futre for that. I do know that most people prefer BF3 on the PC so maybe hold two events on the same day or maybe at different times whichever is better. Maybe have a vote on which most players would prefer which platform to play on or game?

I would have enjoyed it had I had CoD 4. Thanks, even though I couldn’t join.

Well I didn’t take part during the event, next time I would love to see some form of a racing game like Forza 4 etc to be played. Sort of like a knockout system, loose the race and your out and keep going till there are 2-4 players left, but some of these rules could be in place; until the final race all cars have to be stock cars from the garage with no modifications on them while on the final race you can use your own custom cars with setups and tuning. I really hop I can see something like this in the future

The timing for the event sucked, you purposely made it where I couldn’t play because you knew I would win.

it was because no one else would play if you were there because

o really next time you should play… although we were playing most of the teams 4 v 6 completely unfair till the end we got another guy which was 5 v 6 but w/e we still won what could we say. Chris you should of played on our team

What i thought about this event someone should some how figure out how to do brackets. And figure out how to do 2 games at once vs 1 game which took nearly 8 hour to complete. Though i would of hosted it, but was playing. The thing about these events i wouldn’t of mind of this was just for fun, doesn’t matter about the cash and prizes that is just get to us motivated to attempt to play. But over all thanks Travis, for allowing you to host and record this really appreciated it. Thanks again8):thumbsup:


I think for the next event, there should be teams that are made by the community. Each team should be allowed two subs and thats it. If one person and the subs don’t show up the team is disqualified from entering the day of the event. This will allow a more smoother experience for you aswell as the players.

I’d gladly help manage running PC game nights