Xur is back!

Open Me

Go to the Tower Hangar then keep down the stairs to to like sitting lobby show below and he is in the far back corner shown above.

Open Me


I just need one more!

I need 8 more…mmeehehehhhhhhhhhh HALP MEH?

How can I help you though haha?

I have no clue, in fact I’m gonna play with my brother now lol

Bought the helmet it looks awesome.

Bought the Auto Rifle, its amazing.

If I could gift you a few coins I would…I had 45x when Xur showed; I was like a kid with a $100 in a candy store!

…technically I’m even set right now for next week since I still have 22x Strange Coins. Lol

I wouldn’t be shocked if majority of people purchased the Auto-Rifle this weekend; I’ve read it’s amazing in PvP and PvE!
…a lot of people on Reddit are complaining about the weapon being sold by Xur and believe Bungie will nerf the weapon after this weekend because everyone will be using it.

Since we’re all sharing our newly purchased items thanks to Xur, I purchased the Auto-Rifle; was going to purchase the helmet (Hunter) but I decided not to because I already have an exotic chest that will go well with my soon-to-be Fusion Rifle, Pocket Infinity; I just have to break down four more rare Fusion Rifles.

If they had trading in the game, I bet people would be trading like their dealing drugs lol

When it comes to items like Strange Coins, Ascendent Shards/Energy, and anything else that helps one level up a weapon/piece of armor, I’m sure there would be those that make a business out of it and do nothing but sell/trade those items. So, to make sure people don’t/can’t take advantage or such, Bungie won’t implement a said system.

…sucks, but I understand why not after playing such games like Forza; where they have an auction house.

I need 4 more coins to get the auto rifle and I have until tomorrow morning when the guy disappears…
Already did the heroic weekly strike with snipazor & a friend, which got me up to 19 coins, and apparently you can keep collecting the 4th gold chest on mars with different characters for 1 strange coin… Problem is that all those different characters have to be atleast lv16 to play the mission to get them. So I don’t think I’ll be getting the rifle. Sucks big time. Tried playing a few crucible matches, but the RNG gods don’t like me at all. Come in first place and get 0 items. Such a nice feeling.

Yea, that Auto Rifle is bad a**. It’s so good, that it doesn’t need to be upgraded. It’s stable, powerful, good rate of fire, good range, good clip, and good reload.

It is amazing, but if you upgrade it, at least the one that the Xur is selling this weekend, it fires so slow!
…I’m wishing I could de-upgrade it and skip the circle in the skill-tree; I’m really hoping the weapon improves as I continue using it!

I tried to tell a friend not to upgrade it, but he didn’t listen. When a gun says 'slow rate of fire when zoomed in plus damage bonus" that means that the damage bonus is making up for the damage that could’ve been done with full auto.That health bonus should come in handy, though.

Xur is black

Yeah, my friend and I are both regret upgrading it, but I guess you live and learn.
I guess it doesn’t matter though because I still have the Pocket Infinity coming my way once I dismantle four more rare Fusion Rifles and complete the other remaining tasks for the exotic bounty…I also picked up another exotic bounty today for me to get the Invective, but one of the tasks requires me to venture into PvP; may do so because the shotgun is apparently very strong for a shotgun.

In the end I’d like to have a Void Primary, Solar Special, and Void/Arc Heavy!

How do you get Exotic bounties?

I don’t think anyone truly knows exactly how to obtain exotic bounties, but I just turn in a ton of bounties; I was gifted the Pocket Infinity bounty last week around the time Xur was in the Tower, now I was gifted another exotic bounty around the time Xur is in the Tower…I think you just have to turn in a good deal of bounties and he’ll reward you with one. (ex: Say you have to turn in 100 bounties to be rewarded an exotic bounty, well, turn in 100 bounties and you shall receive an exotic bounty.)

Again, I’m unsure exactly how I get the exotic bounties…I just turn in the bounties every day (PvE) and eventually get them.
Best of luck!

I have already received 1 Exotic Heavy Weapon from a Decoherent, then I bought the Exotic helmet from Xür. If I get an Exotic bounty, I will definitely be replacing my Heavy Weapon. Thanks man!