**** yeah finally legal! :P

So today i turn 18 haha. Finally after all of the years of waiting xD

Oh nice, now you can- wait…im reading the news that just been posted a minute ago which says you have to be 26 years of age to be legal. Dang, sorry bro.

Sssike! Go have fun and stay out of T-R-U-B-L-E. Happy Birthday!

Happy 18th birthday dude!

Being 18 isn’t really that great though. At least not for me it wasn’t. 21 is by far the most exciting one for me

Happy birthday though!

Welcome to ‘Adulthood’. Bills, bills, bills!

Happy birthday Pruto!

I was in a hurry this morning, but I still managed to bring the cake. Enjoy!

congratz on not dying, I guess.

Happy birthday Pruto, enjoy your day!

Happy birthday! :smiley:
Just in a few more years, then you will be an adult!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday dude!