Yo i need help with my votes!

Can some people help me get my votes / this will help allot of people…

the people that play kritika online and you could even start playing this game and be a boss from this

I’m pretty sure they are added a combat power adder and a level up hack and much more that I don’t know about but if you help me get this it will be sure be fun to use —> also if you need me to vote for you email me at ultraboy5600@outlook.com

and please help me I really need this mod! just like all of you :slight_smile:

Reply to me if you want - its more fun that way for me :slight_smile:
heres the link my friends https://www.wemod.com/cheats/kritika-online

Sorry but that game will never be funded so don’t bother putting anymore votes into it. We do not support MMO’s or cheating in any online game mode.

This game will be removed from the list and votes will be refunded.