You Laugh You Lose

Stole this from P0rkchop.

Simple as this, you laugh you lose, some people have different humour so don’t get offended or flame because you think its stupid. If you think anything is to offencive or going to far report it. Other than that post some funnys :smile:


  1. No double posting at all (even if its been # hours)
  2. Only 5 pics/videos per post

Ill start:

Not really that funny

Well post something you think is funny instead of making a pointless post *****ing?
I seen funnier stuff on the net but couldn’t be bothered seaarching. Once the thread has a heap of posts just search through and lol

And you obviously didn’t read the triforce one either.

Okay well if my post was pointless then so was this thread. Random thread that isn’t really funny. My opinion not urs so I don’t see why ur mad cause someone who doesnt have the same sense of humor as u thinks this isn’t funny and posts their own opinion ends up as a useless post.

My point wasn’t that my posts were or weren’t funny, the thread isnt about just the OP its about everyone posting funny pics. So instead of saying not funny just wait until you see something funny that someone else posts?

Some of my favorites:

I only see one pic? ^^^^

"20 isn’t even a time"

A Wild Homework Appears

An Extra Chromosome

This website is pretty funny, it has loads of facebook fails, and sometimes twitter fails too. Or even occasionally YouTube videos.

Funny Facebook Status Messages and Facebook Fails

This last one I find pretty funny:


Okay, THAT is funny. :laughing:

I havent laughed at any of the stuff posted so far:/

This made me lol :laughing: