You should play The Walking Dead if you haven't yet!

Hey guys, so The Walking Dead Season 1 is on Games with Gold and I just thought I’d post telling you to play it. I honestly thought it would be crap but downloaded it anyway and it is really good. The story is awesome and I’m going to buy Season 2 if it is not free next month. Anyway, I had my doubts because I thought you just pick dialog and watch cut scenes while that does happen you do a lot of exploring yourself and have to make some pretty crazy decisions.

Bye! :smile:

Big b was better.

What’s that?

I bought the first of these games and I remember not liking everything about it but to be fair, I hardly gave it a chance. Maybe I’ll start it again, it’s the only game in my library that I haven’t beaten.

idk i played it i dont really like it its basically a movie that i have to click something ever 10 min lol

Already played it on the 360 and got it on the One when it first came out.
Have to say it was an amazing series and season 2 was even better.
And just finished Tales From The Borderlands.
Have to say that one is a must play for die hard Boarderlands fans.

I don’t know if he is saying it as that on purpose but I assume he means Bigby from Wolf among Us

Episode 5 was mindblowing, loved every second of it, going to miss this game. Looking forward for Borderlands 3 now and hoping for a season 2 of Tales.

Fiona deserves to become a vault hunter in BL3 lol

I could not agree more.
Hell if she does become a vault hunter i wouldn’t argue.
But the ending just kinda threw me off when [details=Open Me]they finally went into the vault and open the chest and both disappeared [/details]
And one thing that is just bugging the hell out of me is… WHO IS THE UNKNOWN VAULT HUNTER!!!
Ugh… been searching for hours now…still no luck! :<

I thought episode 1 of season 1 was pretty good i am about to start episode 2 of the walking dead (havent played it in a while so i might not remember much lol)

Wanna know? I can say if you don’t mind the spoiler, it is [details=Open Me] Claptrap [/details]

Oh really? Haha that would be pretty funny to see in the end! xD

If you didn’t get enough money at the end but choose [details=Open Me] Felix [/details] in your team, you will get a cutscene and 10 million dollars so you can get him on the team and yeah, its actually funny how everyone react when they know who the vault hunter is