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Youtubers Life Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Bought it from Steam.


@mayamiabi it must be because of version mismatch. I will update for the latest version.


Okay! Thank you. The game just updated again recently (I had to install another update this morning anyway) so I will look forward to seeing this update too.


Yep After the updates game crashes Allways , doenst matter which Option you use


The Youtubers Life trainer has been updated!


  • Added support for v0.7.11

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!


Still seem to be running into crashes, unfortunately. It does last longer when I hit start before it stops responding and closes, but does not make it to the main menu. Game is up to date and Infinity does list the mod as being the most recent version.


I updated it to latest version and thoroughly checked it. Read the important notes and
Try these steps,

If you have antivirus installed please add infinity to its exception list.

If it still crashes try disabling it temporarily.

Run the game first load the actual game play mode, and then click on Start in Infinity.



I made sure to read the important notes. The game is an exception. Just tried again as well.
I open up the game, I hit continue game. I let the game fully load up and then open up Infinity. I hit Start, it seems to work okay and then crashes before it can switch to game.

Disabling the antivirus program and firewall actually just made it crash even faster. Not really sure why it won’t work for me. :frowning:

Edit: Finally got it to work, but no idea what made it do so. Only thing that seems to not be working now is Courses finishing instantly.


It would be nice if you could add unlimited subscribers. But that really ruins the point of the game.


Now you know how PewDiePie feels about it


My instant course dosent work… i read the important note but it doesnt work.


@STiNGERR can help you out with this


0.7.12b has been out for a few days. Any update? Thanks.


Added to my priority list!


Thank you so much. I love the concept of Infinity. Unfortunately, the first two games I tried failed. Thanks for the quick response. Especially since YTL is still Early access…


The Youtubers Life trainer has been updated!


  • Added support for v0.7.13

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!


Running version 0.7.13 and trainer says it doesn’t work with this version… It’s right. It crashes. Let me know what I can send you to help…


You got to be kidding me, they have released another update. and you must be using v0.7.14b… thats why you are getting the incompatible version notification.


I checked and you were correct. I took myself out of beta, that didn’t work even though version showed 0.7.13 on start screen. Uninstalled completely and reinstalled 0.7.13. Still says wrong version but doesn’t instant crash. Most of the cheats didn’t seem to work though. Maybe I missed something when I uninstalled, so I will try again, but wanted to update you.


Its for v0.7.13b… but i will update it for 0.7.14b as soon as possible