YT Banner

Hey guys so I made my team a YouTube banner, this is my first banner in a while!

It is not professional looking as you can tell, but it is supposed to be like that for teams! When and if we get big I will design a much cleaner, sleek, professional looking two-dimensional banner.

rate 1/10!

Open Me


I suggest making a border.

Open Me

Looks good otherwise. 7/10

Borders don’t look good on YouTube here it is on YouTube

If you made a shape and made it border around it to outline the profile picture and social media it’d look cool

I suppose so, but it is not my style :sunglasses:

hey n I c k it looks cool do u think u could make me a banner? my youtube name is cartoon fb if u can make one with like cartoons and stuff in it would be nice :smile:

I mean this in a nice way, I really do, no.

ok lol

I like it man, it’s just my style. easy 9/10

how do u make a banner anyway ? like what do u use ?

Looks nice, but on the channel it doesn’t look as high quality.