Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's Decade Duels tool no longer works because of update


A few weeks ago, the game Yu-Gi-Oh 5D’s Decade Duels had a title update that turned it into Yu-Gi-Oh 5D’s Decade Duels Plus. This update added about 2800 new cards to bring the card total to about 3800. When using the “unlock all cards” tool on Horizon, it brings up an error. Here is a link to download my save:


I was hoping you guys could update the tool to unlock three copies of every new card, as opposed to the old tool which only unlocked one copy of each card in the old game. A save having three copies of every card is very in-demand, which will be evident when this topic gets more views and replies than every other one (just like the topic in the request forum), so I feel it would be more than worth your time to properly fix this tool. Thank you.

can you still use the tool to edit the cards in your deck? like change a de-spell into a monster reborn?

He is asking about adding the new cards that have been recently updated in the game.

OT: I believe there’s an active suggestion on adding the new cards to Horizon.


Just be patient.

I’m aware, I posted in that topic.

However, I saw another topic about this game (showing how in-demand it is! :sunglasses: ) and a mod said to make a topic about it in the bugs forum. Just spreading the word because many people want this.

I know what he’s asking. I’m just asking another question to see if the tool is truly useless or not. you can do a lot with editing cards for an easy win

iirc, you can’t do anything with a new save and the tool, as the save has changed size to 80kb.

what if you used an old save before the update? I have a save that was an automatic win in 3 turns, but like I said this was before the update. would I reset my cards?

You keep your decks before the update in the new game. Once you update your save can no longer be edited, probably from a new size of the file along with a new checksum. I would love to see this updated but I have posted a 2600+ card save around the web. So people can use that if they like.

We are working on the Yu-Gi-Oh update. Keep in mind that there are a lot of games coming out now so we can only do so much at a time. However, I am completely redoing the save editor for the latest update.

Wonderful, thanks for the update.

Great news! The last tool only gave one copy of each old card; can the new tool be modified to give three copies of every card including new ones?

oh my, thats exciting.

Yes, it will.

OMG Getting Excited now. Will this remain a free tool or will it go back to diamond? Also, do you have any ideas when it will come out.

Expect a fix in the next Horizon update.

sorry about that im really sorry this happened i willt try not to make it happen next time

It will remain a free tool. We wouldn’t do that to you lol

i really like yu-gi-oh, havew you ever played magic the gatrhering also a fun card game

My god man, you seriously just made my year by posting that! I’m so excited! Is there any way you could upload the .dat file that you modded in the picture?

Also, how the heck did you manage to successfully mod this game? I’ve been trying for so long to hex edit and use many different “rehash and resigners,” all to no avail; the game kept reading my data as corrupt even though the data came up as perfectly normal on the 360’s storage menu. Did you have to make a new resigner to get past new checksums in the game save file or something? I understand if you don’t wanna share your tricks of the trade, I’m just genuinely curious.

wow thats amazing. Can you post a save with all 3800 cards so people can download it meanwhile they don’t have to wait for the Horizon update. Please man