Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Download

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It’s Time To Duel!!

Just put profile in partition 3 and the game in the 0000000000000000 Folder. Sign in your acc on controller 1 then sign in the profile to controller 2 then start the game up then sign the second controller out and there u go a free arcade game! :thumbsup:

it didnt work for me idk why but i did everything and it just sends me right back to the dashboard so can you please help me out i love this game lol

u might of did something wrong

i cant take this forum seriously because your avatar lol

I believe it wont work unless you have jtag (for the full version)
89%-99% of arcade games are signed

EDIT: unless this is a Live account that already is signed to it, then disregard it

I used to be a Yu-Gi-Oh-adict, but one day I just stopped playing it O_o

I Love Your Avatar! :smiley:

Haha Thanks For The Save!

one question.

Does this work?

ok another question.

Did it work for YOU(not you jake)?

‘This File is Temporarily Unavailable’

Super Sad Face:(

when i played this i had the god cards lol

Is the game worth it?

Doesn’t work.
When you sign out it returns you to main menu.

Converting it back to the trial.

WFJWEFKWEFKWE? I was going to start the download!

this worked for me. you just have to stay signed into the modded account with the other controller and just play on your controller

Works. Let’s do this ****.

i used play this when i was like what 8 yrs old… infact i still have about 200 or so cards laying around somewhere… :smile:

lol which one is the modded profile “www.XboxMB.com” or “| COLOURS |” XD am lost and am still trying to get it to work shouldn’t have added trails HD at the same time XD


Will the gamesaves/decks be saved using this method to get the game free?

The game’s download link won’t work.

Need a new one please.