Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds Update

Game Title: Yu-Gi-Oh

Game ID: 58410A03

Yu-Gi-Oh Have Recently Updated The Game Which Has Changed The Cards Limit From 1000 Cards To All Cards.

Unable To Include My Deck For You To Analyse :confused:

said the same thing lol

I don’t see any change. I look at the game and I still have 1000/1000

because if u unlock 1 card it will go to 1/1001 theres about 3k cards now…

Oh Ok well I have a Full Set of 1000/1000 (3x Each card) if any one wants that save.

Don’t want it.Maybe my nephew does.

if u know how to edit hex the cards u can have like 3k /3k and 3 /3 of each one idk how to hex edit it D:

Thanks to Metalwise4u for all the new information!

you just had to close down my sexy thread and just repost it on this one :anguished:

Edit: Glad to help

Definitely interested in this. 3x everything is a must. No offense, but I tried your tool for the previous edition of this game and it was really lacking. You had a deck editor with an unsorted cardlist that forgot the place you were at in the list when you added something and it only unlocked 1 of everything instead of the required 3 when you used the ‘unlock all cards’ feature.

Btw, how long do these things usually take to code and get released?


I’ve tried to open up the save and hex edit the values to get 3 of every card, but there is a checksum that the rehash and resigner on Horizon can’t get past. Even though I edited the correct values and the save shows up perfectly normal on the storage screen on the 360, when I start up the game and try to load it, it comes up as corrupt. Is anyone familiar with getting past checksums? Because if you are and can make a resigner that works with the game save of Decade Duels Plus, I can make a save with 3 of every card.

Definitely. I look forward to this save file too. Also there’s 4000 cards in the game now.

May I ask which values you changed? I couldn’t find anything trying to hex my save…:frowning:

I could go into detail and answer your question, but unfortunately it’s all irrelevant until someone can create a proper resigner for this game save.

Also, PLEASE make this as soon as possible! I’ve been making topics like crazy on other modding forums, and each topic has over 600 views. Tons of people want this save! Also, from what I’ve heard from hackers on another forum, the deck structure is very similar to the un-updated version. So you’d probably be able to tweak the current tool to work with the new save, but please make it unlock 3 of every card as opposed to 1.

Also, I did a checksum searcher on the save and these were the results that it found:

Download checksum finder.txt from Sendspace.com - send big files the easy way

Not sure if this will help anyone making a resigner but I thought I’d post it here.

Well, I’ll be eagerly waiting for an update to the editor as well. Can’t wait to see all the cards they added. Until then, I guess I’ll earn them the old fashioned way.

Agreed. I think this should be on top of the team’s priority list given how in demand it is (it had 3 topics made and this topic has by far the most views on the page, as with other forums) and given how similar the deck structure is to the pre-updated version of the game.

I’d do this if I didn’t have a dual nand.

Definitely support this post, I’ve gotten about 1700 cards so far but it’s getting tedious looking for new cards rather than getting redraws of the old cards you already have.