Yugioh 5D Decade Duels gamesave (working gamesave)

959 Cards
All but 1 achievement (win 200 tag team duels).

NOTE: You don’t need to modify any ids as this contains the savegame.dat file directly. I recommend using Modio since Horizon seems to give error messages when opening this.

Open this file in Modio, click the contents tab and then extract the savegame.dat file from this downloaded file. Then open your own yu_gi_oh0.dat file in Modio, click contents, and inject and overwrite your savegame.dat file with the one extracted from this gamesave. Then put your new modded yu_gi_oh0.dat file on the flash drive and enjoy.

It’s not my save but I give credit to whomever it is.

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link isnt working i go to download but then says megaupload has timed out can you reupload to mediafire or something better thanks

nvm moved to the desktop and worked just wasnt working on the laptop

Finally a working gamesave thats wurth it, thanks.

save is pretty good

hey dude great game save, i wanna do this with my own game saves for other games and am curious as to how to put them as .dat or how to modify ids, help please =(, thanks.



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