Zen Meteor another Destiny PS Exclusive (And why i think its BS)

So Playstation just tweeted out pictures of a new exclusive exotic to playstation, I didn’t mind PS having exclusives in Year 1 and that we’ll only get them a year later even though we got the Nerfed versions of them, I don’t mind the exclusives that came with The Taken King, but seriously this is a free update bungie, not paid DLC we should be getting the same exact stuff, waiting a WHOLE GODDAMN YEAR is just too much. I remember PS only had to wait a single Month for COD’s DLC. Watch this sniper become the most OP weapon in the game and we get the nerfed version of it a year later (probably by the time Destiny 2 comes out) i know Sony paid Activision but this is too much. I wouldn’t mind getting it a Month or 2 months later but a year is just over-the-top to be honest.

The weapon doesn’t even look that good but i can’t stand the fact that we pay the same exact amount of money as PS players yet we get less content. I hope this exclusivity Bullshit is done soon, Not just for Destiny but for all games.

well you know what they say Money talks and Bullshite walks

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