Hey guys i figured i would help dupe some cars for you guys right now i can dupe

Space Docker (125k to insure)
FIB Granger
Asea (Stickerbomb)
Franklins Buffalo
Sultan RS
Snow Sadler
FIB Buffalo
Snow Rancher
Obey Tailgater (michael’s car)

Just leave you gt below

Dupe glitch

1.Get into the PASSENGER seat of the car you want

2.call lester,gerald,simion etc for a mission

3.start the mission while in passenger

4.once in the mission you should spawn in my vehicle take it to YOUR garage and save it MUST REMEMBER WHERE YOUR GARAGE IS LOCATED!

5.once the car is in your garage leave your garage and kill yourself with grenades to fail the mission

6.once the mission is failed go back to free mode and insure you car


Also remember to put insurance on your cars

Hm, I’d love to do this but i have no clue how to do the glitch, anyone know a link?

Sent you a PM with my gt.
Legit fast service thanks

Update with a tut

100% legit! thank you!


gt: vsZ BEAST
car: Space Docker

legit and quick service

Hi, GT is Dazzey could i get buffalo please, if ya dont mind

thanks, invite straight away, works great, much love

Hi, my GT is LiamRawrr, I’m looking to get franklin’s buffalo.

My gamertag is "LKrook"
can you dupe me the franklin’s car?

legit and quick service Thanks

Have a Nice Day


btw, could i also get the Snow Asea? It spawned me back in your freeroam.

Hmm, looks good :smile:

GSM XeX ,SpaceDocker please sir… :smiley:

I stopped im going to sleep ill start again im a couple hours

Im looking for franklin’s buffalo

you’ve got a few cars i’m looking to get, but i’m guessing we can only get in your lobby once? if that’s the case, i’ll go ahead & say I want the Space Docker

GT: Hey Fluffy

No im letting everybody get what they want :smile: no need for me to be greedy :smile: you would probably have to wait a little bit longer to get all the ones you want but i will inv you when i start up again