Zombie Mods: Noclip working AFTER patch. 2/7/2011

I encourage you to read the video description before asking questions.
YouTube - Call of Duty: Black Ops :: Nazi Zombie Modding AFTER Patch

Oh you fancy huh.

cool. i was hoping for a release :3

i can smell the trolls coming already haha

Your not gonna share? Thats so Gay

orly you deff edited the update number thingys and no way :confused:

lol jk nice bro dont release it just enjoy it all to yourself try to get ontop of the leaderboards :smile:

honestly i don’t blame him one bit i would protect that with my b*lls so it didn’t get patched

I know, it was a response to this video:YouTube - Black Ops :: Zombie Mods AFTER Patch
After everyone thought I was system linking.

Nice job :wink:

Cody did it again :wink:

i knew you had posted it before and had to have it closed from the flame war that happened within 5 mins

This look epic…

He never did it in the first place…

This I didn’t invent .gpd mods :
But I’m surprised it worked with the method I used.

I’ve bypassed TU4 to. This is easy.

well there is no rank so your not connected to black ops sever so i doubt you would be able to connect to public zombies

Your rank doesnt show in zombies


I can connect, but for some reason I time out when I get host.
So for public it doesn’t work.

EDIT: Yet.
Still messing with it.

show how much ive played black ops

do you only connect to xbl during boot of the game?or do you swap the profile after loaded?(< something lik that?)

that is actually a good idea imma try that :smile: