Zombies confirmed!


Looks like I’ll be getting this game after all

Holy **** the ending scared me, lol.
Yeah, I preordered a few nights back, the hype is getting higher and higher.

I’m definitely excited.

Is this for real azrael? If so, I may get this after all.

watch the video

I did watch the video. Thats why I am wondering if it is legit or not.

how wouldn’t it be?

Video isn’t loading for me.

I’m online right now on the game and don’t see any “zombie” mode. All there is is the same old MW3 gamemode where the people run at you.

apparently you unlock it when you beat the campaign…

its legit theres zombies something in the files i havent seen it yet but i assume after a certain wave on survival you get zombies been playing through campagin right now games insane!!!

Why would they do that? So everyone has to complete the game in order to play this mode that most likely isn’t going to be good. Probably another extinction mode.

It’s been done before, WaW

well ill let you know im on mission 4 right now lmao so if I unlock zombies ill let you know unless someone gets there before me lol.

That’s how zombies started! You had to beat the WaW Campagin to play zombies.

Really? Guess it’s been awhile…

  • Every match I get into is a modded XP lobby right now.

Please let us know!

This is amazing. So excited for this game


Video link doesn’t seem to work for me.

It’s still working for me

Has anyone downloaded this video? I can’t since too many people have and I was wondering if anyone could upload it to a website like mediafire so I could download it, thanks :smile:

EDIT- Also found this
-snip - video was taken down