Zune gamer pics and Anime Girls gamerpics

My friend friend really really want’s these but i can’t seem to find them on horizon. Just leave me a dump of anime girls pics and the zune pics thanks. :smile:

You can find several on Horizon. When you browser through the games list, go all the way down. There are several different anime pictures; because most of its written in Japanese so your going to have to scroll through a few.

Really i tried it and i can’t seem to find any of them :anguished:. Honestly.

For the Zune gamerpictures, search for the “fffd0000” title ID.

Which Anime pack in particular are you looking for?

For the zune it gives me an error title not found. And for the anime ones basically all the pictures you can get cause my friends LOVES anime.

You need to change to search by title ID rather than the actual game name.

Then try searching for these:


Nookie thanks my man!

There’s a button for that, but no problem.