Zzirgrizz hacked info

zzirgrizz hacked?

As many of you know zzirgriz got hacked atm he does not have his account back but is playing on a level 37 secondry back up account - he is saying that he is going to take this to the full extent of the law as this is his real day to day job (we all want.) the account has been suspended from xbox live at this moment in time and no one knows when he will get it back. his paypal and youtube were protected thanks to other passwords and id's. zzirgrizz is fully aware of who did this and the guy has been thrown in jail for 3-5 years for identity theft. they guy was so stupid that he acctually recorded how he hacked zzirgriz and here it is.....


Im gona say what your prob thinking… you deserve to rot in jail for ever fag.

the guy has been thrown in jail for 3-5 years for identity theft.

What? LOL

You wont go to jail for a XBL account -_-

And plus what is a VPN used for duhhh and I know bunch of people that jack accounts and none of them went to jail

I heard he got the death penalty

yes your done IN JAIL

That guy is an absolute idiot. I don’t have time to explain how stupid he is.

its his full time job. and if theres a credit card on it its both identity theft. you go to jail

Kinda his fault for putting a dud email?

WOOT no one care’s …
just because his name is zzirgrizz u think it’s like miley cyres smoking that bong…
Who care’s i know i dont…

Xbox Live isn’t his full time job, he has youtube partnership and a machinima contract but they have nothing to do with his Xbox Live account. It will be dealt with the same way it would be on any account. Anyone who recovers the account will be console banned. Grizz will probably get it back because he knows the CoD game developers who obviously know M$ and they can do anything. No one will go to jail LOL. But this is guy is dumb for uploading a video of it.

All xbox can do is ban his Xbox But hes smart enough not to recovering it.

Thank you for telling these people :smiley:

I don’t know who is the bigger idiot, grizz for adding an email that doesn’t exist or the guy that posted the video on how he did it.

Just cause there is CC doesn’t mean it is identity theft.

What do you mean it is a full time job? He isn’t a pro gamer

This is true. my bad

double post much

He still hasn’t gotten his account back.
Primary Account
Status: Hacked
(Pending Legal Investigation)
Taken from his youtube channel.

Ya cause im quoting people =P

There is a multi quote button and no edit time so you can just go back and add it.

The guy won’t go in jail and he isn’t in jail, he’s been on hack forms bragging about it for days. He logged onto hack forums at 7:30 a.m today.

Lmao he want to jail maybe that abit is a lie