$10 Xbox Live Currency Gift Card Giveaway

Hey guys I didn’t forget to do this giveaway it’s just that I recently saw a bunch of other giveaways going on and I figured I’d wait. Anyways this giveaway is for the $10 xbl gift card and winner will be pmed. I believe the card will only work for US accounts so keep that in mind.


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Contest ends next Sunday 12:01pm EST


I’ll take it now thank you!

Your link is broken btw.

Entered! Thanks for another giveaway!!

Messed up on the entries lol only made 5 making another one, gimme a second

US accounts only :anguished:

Unless you can find a way to convert the code to your regions currency winning would be useless sorry about that


Had to quote the main post and copy the link that way, but the embedded link itself didn’t open a page…weird.

Thanks for the givaway…hopefully I can finally win something on this site other than one avatar prop, lol.

Don’t think there is a way, pointless entering :anguished:

link- http://www.yourgamercard.net/horizonmb/contests/M97I

Thanks for the working link. Thanks for the contest Dude. Entered.

Updated the link sorry about that

There should be a requirement to block Its Survival from entering. Joking.

Thanks A Dude for the Giveaway and best of all who enter!

Thanks dude

No chill…

Thanks Dude!

Thanks for a good giveaway, :wink:

I could really use this! Thanks for the opportunity! :smile:

thanks entered :smiley:

thanks for the contest!