13,000 Users Details Leaked. [Lizard Squad Aftermath]

Why doesn’t Xbox just do something about this?
Been forever since these assholes are taking down the PSN and LIVE.
Getting kinda old now.
Can’t good hackers just hack the bad hackers? lol
Good thing i changed my password a few days back.

I was reading up this earlier and they’re apparently all really old logins from years ago, likely expired by now.

what I don’t get is why hasn’t xbox gave us anything I mean we have been kicked out of games and stuff and now 13,000 passwords I mean wtf I mean not even a free code day :l and if I was new to xbox and seen this I would not buy a xbox bc what if I put my credit card on my xbox then get hacked.

Well that’s a minor inconvenience.

Why would MS bother losing more money when they’ve already lost millions(?) in damages and repairs?

Majority of the accounts are porn accounts so don’t worry guys.

It’s only been a few days since the incident so I doubt they would do anything for users that quick…

I doubt they lost that much but usually that’s what companies do to “please” customers.

Because they were attacked. They don’t owe the users anything. It isn’t their fault

Even though the incident was a lot more severe, I guess the Playstation Network being down for roughly a month back in 2011 doesn’t count? I’m not saying I expect free things every time something happens to their service, large or small, but when the problem keeps occurring than something needs to be done! Granted, we’re all out-of-the-loop and don’t know if Microsoft has done anything to prevent these kind of attacks to happen again, but, if you were to ask me, I don’t see them doing anything.

Again, I don’t expect Microsoft to redeem our time offline, for those who were offline, but I just don’t think it’s fair for us to suffer when Microsoft are the ones who allowed this to happen multiple times; especially when I pay them yearly to allow them to secure their users.

*I’m sure this subject can go both ways, this is just how I feel.

I like how people act like this is hard

So should I change my Microsoft password or nah?

The PSN hack was different. Sony knowingly stored user’s personal info (CC, passwords, etc) in plaintext which then resulted in 25,000,000+ accounts getting leaked. Twenty five million. At least MS isn’t THAT stupid.

Is there anyway of knowing if our account was leaked or not? Anybody have a link to this file?

Would also like to know

It only says 13,000 of users details were leaked, so just change your password just in case.

[QUOTE=SNiPaZoR;1418821I] just don’t think it’s fair for us to suffer when Microsoft are the ones who allowed this to happen multiple times;[/size][/QUOTE]

Well, i think microsoft and sony suffers a bit more then the users. so is it fair to accuse them for the whole thing and not lizard squad?

Without getting out of line or taking things too serious, how so?

(ex: Say Verizon turns off my cell phone by mistake. Say it takes a day or two to turn it back on and get everything back to normal. Who is truly at a loss, Verizon or me? Granted, Verizon may hear what I have to say about them making that said mistake, but they could simply push my call under the rug so to speak in which I could waste my time and call back a dozen times. In the same breathe, I have to find a way to accept/make calls for the next day or two since majority of people rely on cell phones rather than home phones. Plus, while my phone is turned off I’m still paying for the service of owning the phone…whether I’m able to make calls with it or not.)

*tried to looked at this matter from another scenario

That example is nowhere near the conditions of the events that are/were taking place. A group of people is actively ATTACKING a service, and Microsoft is still working to resolve the issue. Unless you’re an “MLG pro gamer” who competes in online tournaments or streams for a living, you’re really not at a loss. Have a small LAN party with friends, play against bots, play campaign or something while LIVE is down. Sure it sucks you can’t play those new games you got for Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate), but you’ll just need to be patient. There’s really not much you can do. Microsoft is aware of the issue and is working on it.

I can understand and respect the fact that a group is focusing its efforts to keep Xbox LIVE down where as the Verizon employee makes a mistake, but, from what you just said, it seems as if someone who doesn’t make a living or profit off of Xbox than their say doesn’t matter and should just move onto some other form of entertainment; even though they pay for Xbox LIVE along with the professional gamer and streamer? Again, I’m not trying to start a war or anything in this thread, but I don’t understand those who are basically stating that we should just forget what is or has happened, let Microsoft fix the issue, and move on like nothing has happened.

…I mean I can understand something like this happening, but not months after a previous attack. If we’re paying for a service than we should be given that service with the utmost confidence that when we want to get online we can, not “Lets see if LIVE is available today. No, oh well, it’s still a good investment.”