[2.1] Total Miner Forge Save Editor [1.1.0]

Total Miner Forge Save Editor
Version: 1.1.0

What can this editor do?
Edit Player.dat (Inventory, health)
Edit Gamertag.db (Skills, unlocks)
Edit Header.dat (Blueprints, spawn inventory, map owner name, game mode)

What to edit?
This specific editor targets the GamertagData.db (GamertagData.db tab) which can be found in the root directory and targets a world’s Player.dat (Player.dat tab) which can be found in the world file for you’re save. Use Horizon to extract/Rehash these files.

If the version of Total Miner Forge has changed/been updated, do NOT use this editor, it may corrupt the file.
IMPORTANT: Keep BlueprintData.xml, ItemData.xml, and itemidindexes.txt in the same directory as the .EXE!

Inventory Editor
How to use it: Drag items from list onto the inventory slots. Hover over an item and press Delete to remove it or right click and press delete. Can edit the amount with scroll wheel or right click and edit amount. Can move items around in the inventory view as well.

Photos of editor

Open Me

Download The Editor
Main Download (EXE and required files) (MediaFire)

Virus Scans
Jotti Scan (.RAR)
Jotti Scan (.EXE)
Virus Total Scan (.RAR)
Virus Total Scan (.EXE)

What’s new? [1.1.0]

Version 1.1.0
 - A LOT of code/bug fixes
 - Added support for header.dat editing
  - Blueprints
  - Map owner
  - GameMode
  - Spawn Inventory
Version 1.0.3
 - Added search for item list
 - Added code for header.dat, not editable yet though.
 - Added ability to edit player variables (just Health right now) for player.dat
 - Code bug fixes across the program
Version 1.0.2
 - Program not opening fix
 - Small bug fixes in code
Version 1.0.1
 - Small bug fixes with Handyman
Version 1.0.0
Program release

It wont open it keeps saying program stopped working

I know, it’s a missing DLL problem. Will have to fix on Friday. Sorry. :confused:

Its Okay

Program has now been fixed. Please report any more errors you encounter with the program.

IMPORTANT: If the program does not open, make sure you have .NET Framework 3.5 with Service Pack 1 installed.

Thank you its working perfect know

Every time I try to save player.dat after editing it the progam stops.

Everything else in the program works good though.

never mind

I was wondering if this is going to be updated in the forseeable future?

Is this going to get updated? because i’m on TMF 2.4 and it doesn’t work

This thread is two years old man, long since forgotten