$250 Xbox one with kinect

Refurbished but whatever :smiley:

Comes with everything. Controller, kinect, headset, and even a code for Ryse which I’m hoping isn’t as terrible as I’ve heard

Dude nice score. Buy a couple and sell them for profit.

I thought about it, but it was sketchy trying to get it to that price. Had to change the html dom on walmart’s site to make it look like it was for sale at that price with their store computer. Manager was walking by a few times and they were a bit skeptical haha but they did it. Might go sell then go to a few other stores and continue doing it

Nice, best Xbox one deal I’ve seen so far that comes with everything.

Hey, some people may question your morals and all for doing something such as this, but I say congratulations.
I mean if you were able to convince those working that everything was legitimate than I say you deserve to get away…just like if you were to get caught than you’re accountable for what is to come of you.

Again, congratulations on getting such a great deal on a X1; I wish I could do this myself!