2k16 mod corrupt

Hey is there any way to fix the 2k16 mod ?? whenever i try to use the horizon mod for it my game crashes after playing a game in my career…

You should tell us what you modded and how much. You might want to try using lower values if you set something real high. Or the game may have had a recent update and the devs need to update the editor.

To be more specific, the modded game save loads fine and it loads the modded values correctly. However as I progress in the game (specifically, complete a MyCareer basketball game) the game freezes and crashes.
The NBA 2K15 tool worked fine, I can’t get the NBA 2K16 mod to work.

The level you place values has no effect. How many modded files do you have? When I switched to a profile with no modded files it then worked.

One year later …

Yup, I have a different issue I’m trying to fix with modding nba2k16