2Tb Hardrive Support For Jtag Xbox 360


I have a jtag xbox360 and right now i am using 500 Gb External Hardrive for games… My Hardrive is full now I want to upgrade it to 2TB… I just want to know will 2 Tb Hardrive will work in my jtag xbox360 will it apper in XEX menu or FSD ???

Thanks… :smile:

It will work fine. Just make sure you format it to your xbox.

This ^

If you are using it as a external hdd to put games on don’t format it to your xbox, format it as fat32. If you want it as your main hdd then you will have to format it for Xbox use

The Xbox format is fat32?

Not sure haha what I’m saying is, if you format it on your pc to fat32 you can just drag and drop games into it any play straight away. Formatting to your console means using horizon to drag and drop games into it, and all your games would have to be in God format to do that, no xexs or anything. I don’t know if that makes sense to you but it does to me hahaha

If it’s your main internal HDD it’s fatx.

Och it doesn’t matter haha it will work that’s the main thing

I will be having Western Digital 2 TB My Book External Drive… Right now i have 500Gb External drive… So my 2 Tb External Drive which i will use for dragging games in it will be recognized by XEX Menu Or FSD ???

As long as its formatted to exFAT youll be fine :thumbsup:

Ok boss Thanks for clarification … :smile:

Just make sure its in MBR format and you can use multiple partitions need be. For example, i have a 1tb, 700gb partiiton formatted to ntfs for isos, and everyday use, and a 300 gb fat32 partition that has 32 gb xbox storage for GOD. While the rest is used for other rgh related items, fsd, dashlaunch plugins, etc.