3 Letter Gamertag List

A very long list of 3 letter gamertags…

Link to them: http://storemytrash.com/3lettergamertags.txt

Its a .txt file so its obviously not going to contain a virus.

I would of added them on here but it only allows you to add 6,000 char and it was almost 20,000 chars.

Thanks :sunglasses:

Its funny how almost 3 years after me and viz created that list people still think its worth something :stuck_out_tongue:

Wasn’t this already posted?

dang thats long

Was it already posted? Woops i just spent almost 30 mins creating that list for no complete reason :anguished:.


thats a huge list

“They need one for 3 letter gtags that arent taken” :wink:

It’d be better if there was a list with the ones that aren’t taken :confused:

Iz there any that are not takin

Not all are taken, but it’ll be hard to find the available ones.

They all are taken now.
i got ZLE and TT3

Oscar used to have one. It hasn’t been updated in a while, though. I changed my gamertag to “iuw” with its help, though.

I used a list similar to this to get about 10 3-letter gamertags which were available at the time. I have about 4 left, which I will probably give away sometime soon here on XMB.

I’ve already given two away here in a contest. So be sure to look out for more giveaways soon!

im gonna take a few

hey, ill buy one of those from you,

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