32-bit Operating System, x64 based prosessor

I was showing my friend a picture of Windows 7, and I noticed this.

What does that mean in the black box, my processor is 64 bit or what? I’m confused… :expressionless:

your OS is a 32 bit win 8 and the processor is 64 bit.

32 bit os can run on a 64 bit CPU but not the other way around. If you do not have 4GB of ram or more and DO NOT plan on upgrading a 64 bit os is not needed.

Mine says this:

I think that means you can install 64bit instead of 32.

Yeah your processor is 64 bit.

That is stupid… If I search my processor name on google, the info says 32bit, and it says 32bit on CPU-Z. I will download a x64 OS and see what happens!

Close pleaseeeeeeeeeee!