7 Days to Die Cheats and Trainer for Steam

I click on the button to activate a cheat but as soon as it lights up blue and turns on, the mod automatically turns itself off again.

Little info:
The game an wemod are on the latest version and as soon as the game is started via wemod, wemod reports “the cheats may not work with your game version”

It’s not updated yet to the current version of the game.

Will an Xbox gamepass (pc) version be released?


when will it be fixed well when do you think it will? nvm i look the the info and it is the 4 in the queue to be update so nvm.

The 7 Days to Die cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements
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Cheats not working. They turn off just after you turn them on. Game crashes when loading wemod. Started game using wemod. Unlimited Health, Stamina, Food and Water turns off when turned on.

Please fix, Thank-you

same with mine, I just load up the trainer from the 19th and they still work, so it’s something with the new update

Working now, don’t know why and or for how long.

TY FOR THE UPDATE! You guys RAWK! Now about Empires of the Undergrowth…lol…jk kinda…But thanks so much for the update!

will you be also adding the xbox version on this new update aswell

The Xbox version is the exact game from steam if you drag your shortcut into we mod it will let you play and the mods do work.

They are actually right

Here’s some steps that i personally did that had worked
Step 1: Drag 7 days to Die.EXE to the box in the drop-down box <Click on the arrow next to ‘Play/Install Now’ in the WeMod window>

Step 2: Start 7 Days to die through the Launcher <Don’t Press play or start it through WeMod or it won’t work until you close it again>

Step 3: Wait until you’re in the main menu then click the “Play” Button in the WEMOD window

Step 4: Enjoy

add the cheats to the 7 days to die on xbox game pass

The cheats were working before. Now it doesn’t :frowning: It just turns itself off after you activate it

So the cheats still work… kinda. But you have to turn on wemod after you enter a world.

WARNING: DO NOT USE SET DAY TIME CHEAT IF YOU ARE TRYING TO MAKE NIGHT TIME TO DAY! i did this before horde night, i have mine set for every 30 days, and on day 59 i tried to make the night time day using the cheat but it reset my days entirely and put me back on day 1, I did not know this, if this was what the cheat was meant for, than iam stupid for not realizing it, but now its screwed up my plan for horde night, so beware guys! be careful when using the cheat!