7-Zip Standalone Console maxing CPU? (Version Guard)

Right-Clicking and clicking Go To leads to C:\Program Files\WeMod\Version Guard

Question is why is it doing that if I dont have the app running?

It’s compressing old game versions to save space. Which CPU do you have? It shouldn’t be maxing it out like that.

Version Guard is active when the app is closed because it has to actively monitor games for updates.

I have an i7700k.

I noticed the affintity is set to below normal but it still takes over my CPU when a game is running 0.o FYI i am on the BETA for releases so not sure if thats a bug or intentional.

Version: 5.3.1-BETA.0

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Thanks, I will look into it. There are a few other issues on my list for it as well. If it’s interfering with gameplay, change the speed setting to Fast in app settings. It’ll take up more space, but it won’t use any CPU power.

Ah good to know, Im not concerned with space.

If you need anyother help with bugs let me know :).

Thanks :+1: