99999 or 99999.9 Damage

Playing Valheim and WeMod Updated.

I seem to killing all enemys with ‘One Hit Kill’ of all enemys doing ‘99999’ damage. I do not have ‘One Hit Kill’ turned on.

I do have ‘One Hit Destroy Objects’ turned which also does ‘99999’ damage. This is working correctly.

I also have a slight problem when falling off a cliff. I die taking ‘99999’ damage.

This number ‘99999’(approximation) seems like quite a popular number.

I usually with following set:
Unlimited Stamina
Max Carrying Weight 3000
One Hit Destroy Objects
Unlimited Tools & Equipment Durability
No Crafting Requirements & Unlock All Blueprint

I also use Fly & God Mode when mineing.

The ‘99999’ problem started on early morning 04/21/21.

I would appreciate any help you can give me. I don’t want to fight the second boss doing ‘99999’ every time I shoot it.


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