A big Hi! I'll introduce myself (after ! i don't have any idea to title so i wrote this because 10 characters need)

Hey you, yes you who are reading this on the internet! nice to meet you! My nick is MrShadowy but you can call me Shadowy go ahead, stell free, Don’t be shy little human! (or anything like that)

I’m an avid gamer of single-player and co-op games, I’m really into it, RPG’s and Survival & Horror and stuff like that. good it’s cool don’t you agree?

Besides, I also know how to program and make my own trainers, after finishing the main campaign, it’s a hobby you know (I hope so) I met this community through the FLiNG website, which a colleague came to introduce me to, and then I thought about it, and “why not?”

So here I am!

Well that’s all, I hope to learn from these guys who seem to be very smart, don’t you? and also share what I do and know sometimes who knows.

Oh and that implies the question



P.S : I sincerely apologize if something is not perfectly readable, I am not a native English speaker.

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Hello, and welcome to the community! :smiley:

I’m one of the mods around here and the Discord, which you can also join! Just consider me the Goat Mod.

I also like RPG games, so I must ask which ones are your favourites? I myself love the Elder Scrolls series and the Dragon Age series.

In terms of posting trainers, do you mean on the WeMod app itself? If so, you can sign up to be a creator!

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Yeah I see you on discord! nice to meet you! (oh and yeah thanks the link i’ll join)

Elder Scroll is pretty cool I got to know the series on Oblivion I played a lot I have it on GOG, then it was Skyrim and then the online one then I played a lot I went to others, I like the Resindent Evil series, and hack’n’slashs like Devil May Cry and bayonetta like to push buttons until their hands hurt? and of course defeat the enemy in style!
I like Diablo I also played apart from 2 and today I’m replaying 3 with some friends ah and torchlight! Monster Hunter! and so it goes! good it’s very good to meet you Moderator! or better Goat Mod.

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Yeah, I’m not the greatest with Horror games, I scare easily ;(
So you’re already better at me with that!
Have you played both Monster Hunter games on the PC? o:

Do you own any consoles, or are you a PC gamer at heart?

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I dont have any console anymore because i gaming only on pc hahaha my last consoles has ps2 so many an many time ago but today i play on emulator as well too
And yes World with iceborne and Rise and the Online a long time ago too and anothers